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Invoke is hiring a DEVOPS ENGINEER

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Invoke is seeking a DevOps engineer who likes the challenge of being a one-person shop and is excited to do it all.

You will build and lead the process automation for deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Invoke’s built-from-scratch new cloud-based SaaS product. In addition you will be responsible for maintaining the physically hosted legacy Invoke software platform until it is phased out by the end of this year.

Is hitting 3 for 3 on Qualitative Research a fantasy?

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Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups
If you’ve spent much time selling or marketing project services and haven’t had a somewhat smug project manager tell you, “Speed, quality, price; pick two,” consider yourself fortunate. Of course, we’ve all endured some projects, either qualitative or quantitative that weren’t 2 for 3, or even 1 for 3. Boston’s Big Dig project, for example, would have to merit a goose-egg!

GM Ditches Facebook & Goes Back to Basics

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Facebook GM Goes Back to Basics Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups Hey, advertisers, let’s pretend!

Let’s say your company has LOTS of advertising budget. Let’s also imagine that this year you have been allocated MUCH MORE advertising funds than you had requested. And finally, let’s fantasize that how and where and when to spend all the extra money is completely and totally up to you.

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Does pink slime ruin the “all natural” label?

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Slime Natural Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus GroupsRecent news of pink slime in the food industry highlights for me just how industrialized the US food industry has become. If this meat filler can be called “all natural,” it makes me wonder about all the other all natural product I buy. The good news is, the public outcry against pink slime has been a call to action for me. I now seriously look at all my food purchases. I buy organic. I buy local. Now I need to figure out why and when I buy all natural.

Mobile Concerns: We don’t believe the hype

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MobileWe have a generation of young people that have been born into a mobile world. Debate abounds on whether iPads are ideal for cognitive development in toddlers, how old children should be before getting a cellular phone, deployment of tablets in the classroom for teaching and engaging students. In recent years, electronics have become the gifts that keep on giving to fulfill birthday and holiday gift giving obligations. Connectivity for the millions of cellular devices is everywhere. Wifi is a given at school, work, home, and all public places. It’s no wonder there’s talk about security, privacy, and health impact of our mobile society.

In Search of Gems at Upcoming Market Research Event 2011

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Looking forward to leaving the much-too-early New England snow in October to head to the cloudless skies of Florida next week to attend The Market Research Event (TMRE) conference.

As technology rapidly continues to dis-intermediate traditional ways of doing and being in the research arena, we are all left searching for guideposts on our way to “What’s Next?”  Hoping to find a few gems at the conference.

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Back End of Innovation: Starting with the not so clear end in mind

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Now that everyone seems to be clear (or at least progressing nicely) on how to harness the fuzzy front end of innovation, IRR (never a group to rest on the current state of things) led a new charge last week in La Jolla, CA with a diverse community of corporate innovators at its inaugural Back End of Innovation Conference (BEI).

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