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Is Twitter A Bellwether of the Truly Socially Engaged Consumer?

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If you are like me, you’ve heard the question posed more than once – What value does Twitter offer companies and where does Twitter fit into a company’s larger social media strategy?  In an age where competition for both the attention and feedback of consumers is fierce, finding answers to these questions no longer feels optional.

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Online Surveys: How long is too long?

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Ask nearly anyone involved in online research and they’ll tell you that the ideal survey length is 15 to 20 minutes or less. Anything longer and you invite bad behavior (straightlining, satisficing), drop outs, or create ill-will and lack of responsiveness the next time around. Some brave souls are even proposing that we deconstruct surveys and create pods of questions and participants and then knit them together on the back end. For example, they suggest that it’s better to have 10 unique groups of 100 people answering 10 questions and then recombine the data on the backend than it is to have 1000 people answering 100 questions.

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What impact will the economy have on the Holiday Season?

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Recently Invoke conducted an Invoke Live Study with 300 participants to understand how Americans celebrate their holidays, how they think about and approach gift shopping, and more importantly, what impact the economy will have on their holiday plans. What we found is that the economy is likely to have a significant impact on certain aspects of holiday celebrations, but it is not likely to put the breaks on all holiday spending. 75% of participants stated that the poor economy is going to impact their holiday spending at least somewhat, with 35% saying it is going to have a major impact. Let’s take a closer look at where its likely to have the greatest impact and among whom.

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Welcome to the Invoke Blog!

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For over ten years, Invoke Solutions has been pushing the boundaries of marketing research with its real-time, large scale qualitative research expertise and platform.  During that time, we have introduced 6 versions of our core technology, a mobile application, automated reporting tools, and just recently an analytics dashboard for the DIY survey market.  (Check out our sister company and blog at While we are proud of our R&D and technical achievements, we are even more proud of the work that our skilled team of researchers has produced on behalf of our growing customer base.

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