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Crowd Sourcing Your Way to Qualitative Research

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The crowds are being wooed as never before. Their collective wisdom is being solicited for all types of situations including graphic design (CrowdSpring), OCR text correction (reCAPTCHA), finding people lost in a hurricane (Katrina PeopleFinder), funding interesting startups (KickStarter), and even designing and manufacturing armored vehicles (Adaptive Vehicle Make).

6 Tips for Conducting Successful Online Qualitative Research

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Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus GroupsOnline qualitative research still generates skepticism and while much of the world is migrating online, a significant proportion of researchers prefer the comfort of traditional face-to-face focus groups. Interestingly, the difficulties in the online medium are quite similar to on-the-ground methods whether it is difficulty in recruiting panels, structuring the discussion, or figuring out how to expose stimuli to generate honest feedback.