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Millennials Really Aren’t That Different From the Rest of Us

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jen120Admit it; you think Millennials are a pretty healthy generation.  They’re young, they’re beautiful, they have lots of energy and they are committed to being healthy.  But according to the CDC this group is not as healthy as we think—they are more sedentary, have higher obesity rates and engage in behaviors which increase their risk for serious medical conditions.

How Big Is Your Toolbox?

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jen120Recently I attended the 2014 TMRE in Boca Raton and came away thinking about how important it is for market researchers to have a large and varied tool box.   As one would expect the conference brought together a diverse collection of market research suppliers and the marketers who need their services.  Also as would be expected, there were a number of conflicting viewpoints about how best to find answers to a brand’s burning questions.  While listening to the plethora of opinions being offered at the conference it became clear to me that there were valid points to be made for most arguments and the importance of having a variety of research tools at the ready—even those that might seem to be replacements for each other.

Invoke Part of ARF Ogilvy Award

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Invoke Large Scale Online Focus Group Online Focus Group Qual Qualitative Quant QuantitativeLast month, Orbitz’ partnership with Invoke earned an Ogilvy Award for its ‘Take Vacation Back’ advertising campaign.  This new campaign was tasked with differentiating Orbitz from its competitors in an industry where consumers really don’t see much difference between online travel sites on a functional level.  Therefore, Orbitz decided to take a more emotional approach, developing campaigns to try to connect with travelers on a deeper, less rational level.

Are Americans really as green as we think?

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I recently ran an Invoke Live! Session where we talked to 200 consumers about the things they do at home that could be considered green.  Based on things I’ve heard from friends, colleagues and the news media (even my local high school made news by outfitting the graduating seniors in caps and gowns made from recycled bottles), I thought I was going to learn that the average American is actually pretty green.  Instead, I learned that being green is all relative.

Thoughts from the 2011 Ad Trends Report

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With the economy continuing to impact us all on a daily basis, we decided to look under the hood of the ad agency world to see how economic woes and budget cuts were impacting their usual way of doing business.  In our exploration of interesting cost cutting measures, we unearthed a trend that piqued our interest.  It seems some clients are requesting that their agencies mine the archives and repurpose previously successful TV commercials.  While many of these commercials were hits when first aired, we wondered what type of impact they might have with viewers now, given that the ads ran many years ago.  Would they be received by viewers as a welcome “blast from the past”, or alternatively, “an irrelevant and dated intrusion”?


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