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Do we really need large-scale quant? The Invoke answer is a definitive “sometimes.”

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Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups online survey quantitative qualitative market research, invoke solutions, Invoke live, online focus groupDuring my time at Invoke, I have consistently told clients – and they have been consistently delighted with – how our Live platform and tools successfully merge the deep, emotive responses of qualitative research (and those little nuggets of insight that may otherwise be hidden in traditional quant) with base sizes (usually between 100-300) that can support quantitative findings and percentages.

2016: Year of Fake News – Millennials value trust in news, but are sometimes willing to overlook it

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We’re at the foothill of a new year, and I find myself continuing to want to understand Millennials a little better, so I’m revisiting an Invoke Xperience session (the session can be seen here) focused on understanding Millennial perceptions and behaviors regarding the news they consume. This session relied on traditional “Invokian” methods and lines of qualitative and quantitative questioning to uncover some interesting tidbits about what’s important to Millennials and how this impacts where they source their news and stay up-to-date on current events.  In light of the recent “fake” news phenomenon, I think this is the perfect time to take another look at this study.

Market Research = Professional Listening?

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Market ResearchI took advantage the other day to do some Fall cleanup of my office and came across an article I had read a number of years ago from the McKinsey Quarterly called The Executive’s Guide to Better Listening, written by Bernard Ferrari. .  What I love most is that it continues to resonate even today.  I actually find it incredibly relevant – especially in a time of new US Presidential leadership.  A huge challenge for new leaders – whether they be corporate, academic, or political – is in better understanding their audience and responding with the “right” programs, products, messages, and decisions.

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wayne120I test a lot of advertising. I also watch a lot of advertising. And I talk a lot about advertising. And typically, advertising focuses on how a particular company, product or service can improve one’s life. Buy this car and you will look cool. Drink this beverage and you will be skinny. Eat at this restaurant and you will save money. I mean, true there are some that make bolder promises to make the world a better place or ads that tell you a warm and fuzzy story so that you, in turn, will feel warm and fuzzy inside. But overall, companies are usually selling you something in their advertisements and communications.

Infographics… Assemble!

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wayne120Way back in November 2013, after attending that year’s TMRE event, I wrote about the trend of moving towards a visual delivery of market research data. [Click here] to see that original post. In the time since, well, erm…  To be honest, I have let my original intent slip a bit. I mean, I am always doing my best to deliver data in forms that are most useful for my clients. Recently I decided to try and make good on my original mission and start at least figuring out ways to deliver data more visually.

Summer Movies 2015: What can we expect at the box office and what should we expect from a trailer?

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I like movies. Quite a bit, actually. In fact, movies are typically my go-to when a conversation starts to lull. Therefore, when tasked with coming up with an interesting topic for the recent Qual360 conference in Atlanta, I (along with the rest of my Invoke team and the Dialsmith  team came up with the idea to conduct some research into the upcoming 2015 Summer Movie Season. Can I somehow combine this with my inner 8 year-old’s love of superheroes and dinosaurs? Yup, I sure can.