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Americans Offer Advice for President Obama

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ObamaNext month, Barack Obama will be sworn in to serve his second term as President of the United States. They say that a president’s first term is often focused on reelection while the second term is really where a president’s legacy is built. With that being said, I thought it might be interesting to take one last look at some of my learnings from the Invoke LIVE session I ran back in November where I asked respondents their feelings and expectations following Obama’s reelection.

Election Postscript: How will things be different a year from now?

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Election Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus GroupsAs you may recall, the week after the 2012 Presidential election I posted findings from a post-election session I ran that showed some effects of Obama’s reelection on holiday spending. Those results can be found here. In this post, I want to look a little further and see what people think the impact will be on their 2013, both for the country and personally.

Revisiting Google Consumer Surveys

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Revisiting Google’s Consumer Surveys Qualitative Quantitative Online Research Focus Groups Invoke SolutionsBack in June, I posted some thoughts about Google’s Consumer Surveys tool and how it fits into the market research landscape. The full text is below, but the gist of it was that I really saw the tool more as a polling application than a true market research tool. Recently, Google Consumer Surveys have been in the news again as they proved to be one of the more accurate predictors of the actual outcome.  And this has sparked some debate about what this means for the future of political polling in an era where many voters may not be accessible through traditional methods such as calling over a landline.

Will shoppers ‘elect’ to spend less on the holidays in 2012?

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Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups elect spend less holidaysRecently, after the election, I ran a short directional session to understand how members of both parties (and Independents) felt about the results of the 2012 Presidential election. My immediate goal was to understand how people feel Obama’s re-election was going to impact them on both a national level and a personal level and how it might impact how much they spend, both in the short-term (over the next few months) and on in the longer-term (over 2013). I wanted to understand this both from a general sense and across each party. And while I let the percentages fall where they may, I got a pretty good showing from each group (50% Democrat, 26% Independent, 20% Republican).