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The Dark Side of Binge-Watching

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The dark side of binge watchingIt’s dark and we are in the middle of Ohio. The road trip has been quiet until my daughter’s jubilant cry from the backseat of the car: “Mom! I just finished all 5 seasons of Baby Daddy!” The pride in her voice was evident. The time spent…the dedication…she was finally caught up and ready to watch the current season. Yet, the glow lasted only a short while before the angst set in. “Now what should I watch?” “When will the next episode be ready?” And, every parent’s all-time favorite road-trip question: “I’m bored…are we there yet?”

Exploring the New Value Proposition for Content Channels

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KathyThe best new gadget to land in my house in the past 12 months has to be our Comcast X1 voice activated remote control.  This one button has dramatically changed how we find the content we want to watch.  No longer do we need to remember channel numbers or times.   We are empowered to “ask” for what we want by genre, title, actor or channel.  While this simplifies the process of finding something once you have a direction, a larger question remains “How do we know what to ask for?”

Crowd Sourcing Your Way to Qualitative Research

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The crowds are being wooed as never before. Their collective wisdom is being solicited for all types of situations including graphic design (CrowdSpring), OCR text correction (reCAPTCHA), finding people lost in a hurricane (Katrina PeopleFinder), funding interesting startups (KickStarter), and even designing and manufacturing armored vehicles (Adaptive Vehicle Make).

Are Focus Groups An Endangered Species?

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wayne120Recently, I came across an interesting Bloomberg Businessweek article discussing the limitations associated with focus groups and the ways some companies were using solutions (such as Invoke’s large-scale online focus groups…ahem, I work there) to overcome these limitations. The article is here: (

Online Focus Groups & The Electric Kettle

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Since the late 1990s when Online Focus Groups first burst onto the scene, they haven’t evolved much. In many ways they are still in their premature and somewhat even naive incarnation. Very much like when the first electric kettles were introduced. Manufacturers understood that this had to be the next step in the water heating evolution but didn’t quite get the extent of it.

My TMRE 2013 Takeaways Part I: Online Qual IS important!

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Invoke Solutions qualitative quantitative online focus group employee motivationAt The Market Research Event (TMRE) this year, I noticed some overarching trends that permeated throughout amazing keynotes, interesting breakout sessions and some really innovative technology and research services on the exhibit floor. And honestly, I left feeling heartened and even more assured that the work I am doing at Invoke is truly a step forward in the evolution of market research.  Over the next few weeks or so, I plan on expanding on some of the trends I saw and what they mean to me personally and potentially to the market research industry as a whole. Quickly, the trends I will be focusing on in this post series are as follows:

Americans Offer Advice for President Obama

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ObamaNext month, Barack Obama will be sworn in to serve his second term as President of the United States. They say that a president’s first term is often focused on reelection while the second term is really where a president’s legacy is built. With that being said, I thought it might be interesting to take one last look at some of my learnings from the Invoke LIVE session I ran back in November where I asked respondents their feelings and expectations following Obama’s reelection.