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2016: Year of Fake News – Millennials value trust in news, but are sometimes willing to overlook it

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We’re at the foothill of a new year, and I find myself continuing to want to understand Millennials a little better, so I’m revisiting an Invoke Xperience session (the session can be seen here) focused on understanding Millennial perceptions and behaviors regarding the news they consume. This session relied on traditional “Invokian” methods and lines of qualitative and quantitative questioning to uncover some interesting tidbits about what’s important to Millennials and how this impacts where they source their news and stay up-to-date on current events.  In light of the recent “fake” news phenomenon, I think this is the perfect time to take another look at this study.

The Dark Side of Binge-Watching

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The dark side of binge watchingIt’s dark and we are in the middle of Ohio. The road trip has been quiet until my daughter’s jubilant cry from the backseat of the car: “Mom! I just finished all 5 seasons of Baby Daddy!” The pride in her voice was evident. The time spent…the dedication…she was finally caught up and ready to watch the current season. Yet, the glow lasted only a short while before the angst set in. “Now what should I watch?” “When will the next episode be ready?” And, every parent’s all-time favorite road-trip question: “I’m bored…are we there yet?”

Crowd Sourcing Your Way to Qualitative Research

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The crowds are being wooed as never before. Their collective wisdom is being solicited for all types of situations including graphic design (CrowdSpring), OCR text correction (reCAPTCHA), finding people lost in a hurricane (Katrina PeopleFinder), funding interesting startups (KickStarter), and even designing and manufacturing armored vehicles (Adaptive Vehicle Make).

Invoke Part of ARF Ogilvy Award

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Invoke Large Scale Online Focus Group Online Focus Group Qual Qualitative Quant QuantitativeLast month, Orbitz’ partnership with Invoke earned an Ogilvy Award for its ‘Take Vacation Back’ advertising campaign.  This new campaign was tasked with differentiating Orbitz from its competitors in an industry where consumers really don’t see much difference between online travel sites on a functional level.  Therefore, Orbitz decided to take a more emotional approach, developing campaigns to try to connect with travelers on a deeper, less rational level.

Quota Management: Keepin’ It Real…Time

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ObamaIn addition to the more obvious benefits of a live session such as speed and the ability to adapt and change course on-the-fly, there are less tangible benefits that rise to the surface. One of those is unpredictability. And unpredictability shows its face in many different ways. It may be seen in a number of responses grandly challenging hypotheses or it may play itself out through one humorous yet enlightening response that gets the room talking. Either way, unpredictability has been a part of probably every session I have conducted and is a big part of what makes the research we do thought-provoking, unique and fun.

Are Americans really as green as we think?

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Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups
I recently ran an Invoke Live! Session where we talked to 200 consumers about the things they do at home that could be considered green.  Based on things I’ve heard from friends, colleagues and the news media (even my local high school made news by outfitting the graduating seniors in caps and gowns made from recycled bottles), I thought I was going to learn that the average American is actually pretty green.  Instead, I learned that being green is all relative.

Invoke Live – it’s not easy being green

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Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups
 When I set out to do an Invoke Live! on Conscious Consumption  and how it affects consumers shopping at the grocery store, as I did a month or so ago, I had in mind top claims I thought would resonate most with consumers. Namely, I focused on foods and beverages carrying claims such as “local,” “natural,” “organic” and “green.” As someone who enjoys foods and beverages (a lot!), these are the claims I was hearing most so I thought it best to understand how these were factoring into consumers’ decision-making process at the grocery store shelf.