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Local – Compelling, Yet Undefined

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Local Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus GroupsRecently, I conducted an Invoke Live! session with a total of over 200 respondents to understand the appeal and definitions around on-product claims such as natural, organic and local. Interestingly, while both natural and organic are compelling terms in their own right, 84% of respondents have a positive opinion of products that carry the local claim (compared to 75% for natural and 73% for organic). I wish that was new news, but I feel confident saying most manufacturers have been aware that local is gaining traction as a claim for a few years now.

Does pink slime ruin the “all natural” label?

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Slime Natural Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus GroupsRecent news of pink slime in the food industry highlights for me just how industrialized the US food industry has become. If this meat filler can be called “all natural,” it makes me wonder about all the other all natural product I buy. The good news is, the public outcry against pink slime has been a call to action for me. I now seriously look at all my food purchases. I buy organic. I buy local. Now I need to figure out why and when I buy all natural.

Mobile Concerns: We don’t believe the hype

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MobileWe have a generation of young people that have been born into a mobile world. Debate abounds on whether iPads are ideal for cognitive development in toddlers, how old children should be before getting a cellular phone, deployment of tablets in the classroom for teaching and engaging students. In recent years, electronics have become the gifts that keep on giving to fulfill birthday and holiday gift giving obligations. Connectivity for the millions of cellular devices is everywhere. Wifi is a given at school, work, home, and all public places. It’s no wonder there’s talk about security, privacy, and health impact of our mobile society.

Thoughts from the 2011 Ad Trends Report

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With the economy continuing to impact us all on a daily basis, we decided to look under the hood of the ad agency world to see how economic woes and budget cuts were impacting their usual way of doing business.  In our exploration of interesting cost cutting measures, we unearthed a trend that piqued our interest.  It seems some clients are requesting that their agencies mine the archives and repurpose previously successful TV commercials.  While many of these commercials were hits when first aired, we wondered what type of impact they might have with viewers now, given that the ads ran many years ago.  Would they be received by viewers as a welcome “blast from the past”, or alternatively, “an irrelevant and dated intrusion”?


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5 MORE Key Insights from the 2011 Annual Holiday Shopping Report

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A couple things stand out as I share another five key insights gathered from our recent Invoke Live! – 2011 Holiday Shopping study. No matter how convenient and easy online shopping becomes, brick-and-mortar will always have a place in consumers’ hearts. Journeying through a physical store delivers a tactile experience that online shopping just can’t. Those who rely on a brick-and-mortar model to sell their wares should really capitalize on this. Isn’t this why food sampling is still such a viable marketing strategy in grocery stores? Why not bring that frame of reference outside the realm of perishables?

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What impact will the economy have on the Holiday Season?

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Recently Invoke conducted an Invoke Live Study with 300 participants to understand how Americans celebrate their holidays, how they think about and approach gift shopping, and more importantly, what impact the economy will have on their holiday plans. What we found is that the economy is likely to have a significant impact on certain aspects of holiday celebrations, but it is not likely to put the breaks on all holiday spending. 75% of participants stated that the poor economy is going to impact their holiday spending at least somewhat, with 35% saying it is going to have a major impact. Let’s take a closer look at where its likely to have the greatest impact and among whom.

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