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Invoke launches Media & Entertainment research practice

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KathyThe kick off of the Media Insights and Engagement conference today in Fort Lauderdale, FL offers the perfect backdrop to announce the formation of Invoke’s Media & Entertainment practice. I was especially engrossed in the morning keynote by author Ryan Holiday. His use of stoic philosophy as a construct for how to navigate the change that happens in any industry was refreshing. The idea is pretty simple – fate doesn’t have to derail you, instead it can clean the slate and invigorate change – but to accomplish requires a disciplined mindset willing to give up on preconceptions and prejudices that often cloud innovation. Read More

Invoke is hiring a DEVOPS ENGINEER

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Invoke is seeking a DevOps engineer who likes the challenge of being a one-person shop and is excited to do it all.

You will build and lead the process automation for deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Invoke’s built-from-scratch new cloud-based SaaS product. In addition you will be responsible for maintaining the physically hosted legacy Invoke software platform until it is phased out by the end of this year.

Disruption and the Role of Research in the New Economy

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kathy120At the The Market Research Event in Orlando last month, there was a lot of buzz about Big Data and automation disrupting the face of research.  Then within a week of the conference, Seth Godin, one of the conference keynotes, publishes a blog post discounting the validity of Surveys and Focus Groups stating “polls are always wrong.”  Hard not to come out worried that our craft is under-siege.

A User’s Guide To A Successful Conference

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We’ve all made the rounds at the big multi-day conferences.  If you’re like me, once the agenda becomes available you jot down some interesting keynote speakers, smaller breakout sessions and a few attendees you’d like to meet.  Then, after being on your feet for half a day, all you can think about is what you’d be doing anywhere else in the world.  Alas, its not all that bad! I recently went to Orlando for TMRE, and here’s how I kept myself sane:

Millennials Really Aren’t That Different From the Rest of Us

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jen120Admit it; you think Millennials are a pretty healthy generation.  They’re young, they’re beautiful, they have lots of energy and they are committed to being healthy.  But according to the CDC this group is not as healthy as we think—they are more sedentary, have higher obesity rates and engage in behaviors which increase their risk for serious medical conditions.

Infographics… Assemble!

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wayne120Way back in November 2013, after attending that year’s TMRE event, I wrote about the trend of moving towards a visual delivery of market research data. [Click here] to see that original post. In the time since, well, erm…  To be honest, I have let my original intent slip a bit. I mean, I am always doing my best to deliver data in forms that are most useful for my clients. Recently I decided to try and make good on my original mission and start at least figuring out ways to deliver data more visually.

Summer Movies 2015: What can we expect at the box office and what should we expect from a trailer?

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I like movies. Quite a bit, actually. In fact, movies are typically my go-to when a conversation starts to lull. Therefore, when tasked with coming up with an interesting topic for the recent Qual360 conference in Atlanta, I (along with the rest of my Invoke team and the Dialsmith  team came up with the idea to conduct some research into the upcoming 2015 Summer Movie Season. Can I somehow combine this with my inner 8 year-old’s love of superheroes and dinosaurs? Yup, I sure can.