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Do we really need large-scale quant? The Invoke answer is a definitive “sometimes.”

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Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups online survey quantitative qualitative market research, invoke solutions, Invoke live, online focus groupDuring my time at Invoke, I have consistently told clients – and they have been consistently delighted with – how our Live platform and tools successfully merge the deep, emotive responses of qualitative research (and those little nuggets of insight that may otherwise be hidden in traditional quant) with base sizes (usually between 100-300) that can support quantitative findings and percentages.

Have the courage to abandon the standard for something greater

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Challenge disruption with disruption.

The headline in yesterday’s WSJ Business & Tech page called “Test Audiences Can Make or Break New TV Series” showcased a very traditional research method for testing TV Pilots, while at the same time decrying how hard it is to find a hit in much more fragmented and competitive marketplace. Yet why do we as an industry continue to rely on the same methods to meet new challenges?

Are Focus Groups An Endangered Species?

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wayne120Recently, I came across an interesting Bloomberg Businessweek article discussing the limitations associated with focus groups and the ways some companies were using solutions (such as Invoke’s large-scale online focus groups…ahem, I work there) to overcome these limitations. The article is here: (

The Clorox “6 Mistakes” Essay: Showcasing a Need for Good Research

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Invoke Solutions qualitative quantitative online focus group employee motivationBeing in the market research field for so many years now, I have a lot of trouble watching a brand do something that gets consumers scratching their heads or voicing public complaints (or worse, boycotting products) without immediately wondering what research drove such a creation. For example, I found myself wondering this when Tropicana introduced their new packaging back in 2009 or when Hyundai ran their “pipe job” ad in the UK. When you see such a negative reaction from the public, you have to wonder how something like this even gets created.

Quota Management: Keepin’ It Real…Time

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ObamaIn addition to the more obvious benefits of a live session such as speed and the ability to adapt and change course on-the-fly, there are less tangible benefits that rise to the surface. One of those is unpredictability. And unpredictability shows its face in many different ways. It may be seen in a number of responses grandly challenging hypotheses or it may play itself out through one humorous yet enlightening response that gets the room talking. Either way, unpredictability has been a part of probably every session I have conducted and is a big part of what makes the research we do thought-provoking, unique and fun.