Cell phones poised to replace your wallet…

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kathy120 …as the “must have” item before walking out the door.
Not surprisingly this is especially true among Millennials, but even among GenX and Boomers the importance of our cell phones to our daily lives is evident.  Representing connections, mobility and information, cell phones have fundamentally disrupted how we live.  Even the way we tell time today is different than as we entered the new Millenia.

 Understanding tech assimilation among Millennials is well documented – they are the leaders of change and innovation.  Yet, adoption among Gen X and Boomers is also happening at a rapid pace creating many dramatic shifts in how we shop for goods and services, consume media and even diagnose illness.
In our most recent Invoke LIVE Xperience we spent an hour speaking with Millennials, GenXers and Boomers to better understand the similarities and differences of tech assimilation across generations.
For more information or to download the findings please click here.

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