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As I sit here drinking my favorite tea from a café cup adorned with rotund snowmen and prancing reindeer, I’m reminded that the holidays are in full swing. The 2016 holiday season is expected to be a doozy with 41% of consumers reporting that they’ll spend more on gifts this year than they did last year. Who doesn’t want an extra $10 billion dollars pumped into the economy?

What’s my favorite part about this stat? It points to growing shopper confidence.  We’re feeling a little better about parting with our money, and this doesn’t just count towards gift-buying.  That is why it’s crucial to optimize your “wrapping” to entice consumers—not just during the holidays—but year round.




As you’re working on package design (and those holiday shopping lists) keep these thoughts in mind:

  • How does my package stand out on the shelf?
  • Does it communicate messaging that fits my brand?
  • How does it compare to other designs?
  • How can I optimize my package to make it the best it can be?

Keep a checklist of products that stand out to you as you scurry around this holiday season—not just on the shelf but online because we consumers are crushing it with virtual shopping to the tune of 44% of total Black Friday shoppers over the recent Thanksgiving weekend.  What is it about the package that draws your attention?  Why kind of emotions do they stir?  What kind of audience is it geared towards and why does it work?




It’s never too late, or early, to start thinking about your next design—and if it reminds you of a few of your favorite things…it just might convince that consumer to make a purchase.  Happy designing and shopping!

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