Facebook GM Goes Back to Basics Invoke Invoke Solutions Online Research Qualitative Quantitative Focus Groups Hey, advertisers, let’s pretend!

Let’s say your company has LOTS of advertising budget. Let’s also imagine that this year you have been allocated MUCH MORE advertising funds than you had requested. And finally, let’s fantasize that how and where and when to spend all the extra money is completely and totally up to you.

The only catch is that your spending decisions have to show results (OK, that part is back to reality).

You might start thinking like this….

  • Almost everybody has a Facebook account.
  • Almost everybody watches the Super Bowl.
  • That makes Facebook and the Super Bowl “no-brainer” channels for advertising, right?

And yet…

Recently in the news:


For the last decade or so, marketeers have increasingly gained facility with executing and measuring highly-focused communications campaigns. Technologies that can identify target customers, locate them at specific stores at the local mall, download coupons to their mobile devices, and alert their friends to considered or recent purchases, no longer draw a “gee whiz” reaction from the general population.

Compare that with one company (GM) spending $10 million per year on an outlet that 83% of people say they “hardly ever” or “never” use for the desired purpose – or for a single day “campaign” that costs $14 million for a total of 2 minutes exposure to a general (although large) audience, with unqualified needs and a questionable attention span (given the relatively high percentage of viewers who watch the Super Bowl while at parties or in other public places).

Do you know any marketing professionals who believe they could create and execute a more effective campaign for $24 million? I do, and it seems that GM does as well.

Although it wasn’t specifically stated in the news stories, I’ll bet that GM execs are thinking about “getting back to basics” – which is all about identifying likely buyers, determining why they will be buying, understanding what elements in the process are accelerators or roadblocks in the buying process, and crafting, testing, and optimizing messages that  boost their brand, their competitive advantage, their sales, and ultimately their profits.

Seems simple. What took them so long? And who’s next?

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