Invoke Large Scale Online Focus Group Online Focus Group Qual Qualitative Quant QuantitativeLast month, Orbitz’ partnership with Invoke earned an Ogilvy Award for its ‘Take Vacation Back’ advertising campaign.  This new campaign was tasked with differentiating Orbitz from its competitors in an industry where consumers really don’t see much difference between online travel sites on a functional level.  Therefore, Orbitz decided to take a more emotional approach, developing campaigns to try to connect with travelers on a deeper, less rational level.

And getting at that more emotional piece is where conventional market research approaches can fall short. Traditional quantitatively-focused market research is very good at measuring rational reactions to advertising—will people meet the ad’s call to action, is the ad likeable, what does the ad communicate—but teasing out the emotional underpinnings of why or how the advertising delivers these rational reactions is a much harder undertaking.

To understand emotional responses and drivers, companies have typically added an element of qualitative research (most often, a focus group) to their quant work.  This approach, however, also has some challenges and limitations —group think bias, lack of anonymity, smaller base sizes, travel costs, etc. Plus, reconciling findings between a quant study and qualitative groups carries its own set of challenges. Even if the findings are complementary, they are often presented in different formats, from different sources and use different language.

And these challenges, so often felt by those looking to learn from their consumers, are why Orbitz and BBDO partnered with Invoke in this endeavor. Our methodology’s ability to connect with a large number of participants across the country via a moderated group discussion in a comfortable, yet anonymous, atmosphere (their home computer), got participants to open up and reveal more than they might have if they were sitting in a focus group or filling out an online quant survey. According to the case study:

“Invoke’s ability to create a more personal research experience, allowed us to uncover travel-loving consumers’ emotional reaction to the campaigns, helping them understand which campaign’s emotional hook had the greatest potential to connect with consumers on that deeper level. 

“The first round of concepts was shared with consumers using Invoke’s live, large scale quantitative/ qualitative research technique. The team – Orbitz, BBDO and Invoke — all sat in the room together monitoring the live feedback, which on the spot was translated into real-time improvement ideas. This close collaboration made it possible for the creative team to cycle more ideas through and develop more relevant creative than previously. ”  

This early stage work with Invoke, helped Orbitz and BBDO fine-tune its creative to move forward with a strong set of candidates into subsequent advertising research, producing what is ultimately a successful advertising campaign and an Ogilvy Gold Award winner in the Retail & E-tail category.

– Jen

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