Millennials Really Aren’t That Different From the Rest of Us

jen120Admit it; you think Millennials are a pretty healthy generation.  They’re young, they’re beautiful, they have lots of energy and they are committed to being healthy.  But according to the CDC this group is not as healthy as we think—they are more sedentary, have higher obesity rates and engage in behaviors which increase their risk for serious medical conditions.

But that can’t be, you say!  Millennials are always talking about how they eat organic, locally sourced, free range grapes and they all belong to a gym, do yoga with their dog and meditate to manage their stress.

Well…yes and no.   Millennials do focus on eating better foods—fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains—but they are human and also give into cravings where they eat (gasp) Oreos or Doritos.  They also—like the rest of us—don’t always have the time or energy to prepare healthy meals so will grab a burger and fries when time is short and they are hungry.

When it comes to physical activity, they do have a gym membership (and even use it occasionally), have done yoga and do walk their dog, but, again like the rest of us they have jobs, families, and social lives that get in the way of working out.  And, in fact, because they aren’t facing serious health problems that would demand they exercise regularly, they don’t have the same level of motivation as do older generations.

So, breaking news!  Millennials are just like us—they talk a good game, but when it comes right down to it, they are faced with the same lack of motivation, time and money that all of the rest of us face when it comes to eating well and exercising regularly.

To learn more about the health and wellness of Millennials, you can read our report:  Why are millennials so unhealthy?

Jennafer Stahl

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