Mobile Concerns: We don’t believe the hype

MobileWe have a generation of young people that have been born into a mobile world. Debate abounds on whether iPads are ideal for cognitive development in toddlers, how old children should be before getting a cellular phone, deployment of tablets in the classroom for teaching and engaging students. In recent years, electronics have become the gifts that keep on giving to fulfill birthday and holiday gift giving obligations. Connectivity for the millions of cellular devices is everywhere. Wifi is a given at school, work, home, and all public places. It’s no wonder there’s talk about security, privacy, and health impact of our mobile society.

But it it mostly just that – talk. A recent discussion Invoke had with 100+ mobile device users showed that while a majority feel more secure transacting on their computers rather than cell devices, privacy and health concerns have little impact on their mobile usage. In fact, many people, including parents, are skeptical over claims that mobile technology may pose a health risk at all.

Check out what these mobile users said: Invoke LIVE! – 2012 Mobile Concerns Summary Report.
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