My TMRE 2013 Takeaways Part I: Online Qual IS important!

Invoke Solutions qualitative quantitative online focus group employee motivationAt The Market Research Event (TMRE) this year, I noticed some overarching trends that permeated throughout amazing keynotes, interesting breakout sessions and some really innovative technology and research services on the exhibit floor. And honestly, I left feeling heartened and even more assured that the work I am doing at Invoke is truly a step forward in the evolution of market research.  Over the next few weeks or so, I plan on expanding on some of the trends I saw and what they mean to me personally and potentially to the market research industry as a whole. Quickly, the trends I will be focusing on in this post series are as follows:

  • We were right. Online qual IS important!

  • Mobile is officially here

  • Imagery > text

  • Big Data is for big business

  • Everyone wants to access the unconscious

Curiosity peaked yet? Well, I won’t spoil all of them just yet. I am going to focus one trend per blog post to ensure I give ample time to each trend. The first trend I want to focus on is the presence and discussions I heard centered on online qualitative research.

Perhaps my ear was a biased towards this, but I definitely heard a good deal about qual/quant hybrids, on-line qualitative research and several (often misappropriated) uses of the words “live” and “real-time.”  On the exhibit floor, especially, there were quite a few companies talking about merging the benefits of qualitative and quantitative research through conducting qualitative research online. However, most of what I saw (and this may sound like I have drunk the Kool-Aid) was always missing some element – either not being qualitative enough, quantitative enough or missing the flexibility and/or live research feel of a true online real-time large scale focus group akin to those I conduct for Invoke.

And this was what left me feeling most heartened as I see Invoke as a pioneer in this world of online qual/quant. And in fact, I have for a while been touting the online large-scale focus group as the next step in the market research evolution and a way to merge the best qualities of quantitative and qualitative data online.

In fact, if you are in the New England area on November 6th, I would love to see you at a presentation I am giving at the New England Market Research Association (NEMRA) that focuses on Large-Scale Online Focus Groups as the next step (press release here:

Keep an eye out for the next blog post coming soon where I will be talking about the prevalence of mobile research technologies.

Qualitatively Yours (online),


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