Just Released! Real-Time Quota Management

Real Time Quota ManagementReal-Time Quota Management™ (RTQM™) is a powerful extension to the Invoke large-scale qualitative research platform.  RTQM™ ensures that you only talk to the people matching your segment and quota requirements no matter how complex.

Invoke Real-Time Quota Management™ offers a revolutionary approach to recruiting for Live (real-time) research events. No more first-come first-served basis and hoping for the best, and no more re-basing and weighting. With the new capability, Invoke ensures researchers get more accurate and cost-effective insights using the Invoke Platform.


The key aspect in a successful research study is talking to the right people. That implies recruiting participants with the right demographic mix.

Invoke RTQM™ functions as a “gatekeeper,” only allowing people into the real-time session that are required to fill up specific pre-defined segments and quotas.

When a participant attempts to log into the real-time Live session, the tool automatically identifies him/her by demographics or other criteria already collected in the screening process. This participant is immediately classified into a matching segment and accepted into the session if the quota for that segment has not yet been filled. If that quota is full, the participant is thanked for their interest and informed that the session is full.

If one or more of the quotas fall short, the RTQM™ adaptive mechanism will allow more respondents into the session to compensate and meet the overall quota for the study.


Study requirements often involve micro targeting of segments. For instance, a researcher would like to speak to 200 people with an even split of customers and non-customers. Within each group they would like to maintain demographic ratios that represent their customers, i.e. gender, age groups, income, education levels and more.

No matter how targeted the pre-screening phase, only RTQM™ can guarantee that the required blend of segments and quotas are met for participants entering into a real-time Live session event.

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