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10-26-2016-12-00-09-pmAt EDUCAUSE 2016, Invoke, the pioneer in large-scale, live, qual-quant collaboration, and the developers of CoursEval, enterprise-class course evaluation software, today announced the launch of a new Invoke LIVE for Higher Education solution empowering institutions to react to student evaluations and align standards of good teaching.  Using a combination of the best of qualitative and quantitative research methods, the patented Invoke LIVE platform provides immediate insight into the feedback of key education constituents – students, faculty, and administration – with live, online, collaboration sessions.  Inside of an hour, instantaneous, actionable results are provided leading to more informed decisions on institutional change.

A key tactic at MGH Institute for Health Professions.

“In order to improve the Institute’s course/ instructor evaluation survey, we needed faculty, student and administrative input and buy-in.  The Invoke LIVE sessions allowed us to engage and collect feedback from over 100 individuals in less than 3 hours, “ said Paulette Di Angi, Director of Institutional Effectiveness at MGH Institute for Health Professions. “The actionable results provide support and direction for improvements to the instrument and the process.”

As students are more widely credited with important evaluations on how they’re taught, asking the right question becomes paramount.  In some cases, course evaluation surveys focus on lesson clarity, course organization, and presentation style; in other cases the focus of student feedback is on instructor rapport, motivational skill, and “caring.”    Whatever the focus, Invoke solutions collect feedback data that help the instructor and the institution understand if the standards of good teaching are being met.

Invoke LIVE for Higher Education provides:

  • Stakeholder Engagement. Experienced researchers bring key stakeholders together to a live research “event” at the school. As the research unfolds in real-time, colleagues see how the relative importance of key teaching behaviors are perceived among specific segments – probing to understand exactly why people think — and feel — the way they do – without the bias of group-think or a dominant voice.
  • Participant Interaction. Students, faculty, or administration can be located anywhere and are immersed in the dialogue with powerful technology, an intuitive UI, and expert researchers.
  • In-depth Evaluation. Constituents respond to key quantitative diagnostics that are coupled with qualitative open ends – enabling stakeholders to fully understand the “why” behind evaluations, and allowing them to pinpoint potential areas for improvement.

“Every accredited institution develops standards for good teaching, and describes the role that good teaching plays in the promotion and tenure process.” said Gigi Wang, CEO of Invoke. “Student feedback in the form of periodic course and instructor ratings surveys is invariably a factor – often a critical factor – in promotion and tenure decisions.  The Invoke LIVE for Higher Education solution ensures that the two are aligned.  What better place to launch our new solution than at EDUCAUSE 2016 – embracing the spirit of forward-thinking innovative solutions.”

The Invoke LIVE for Higher Education solution will be showcased at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2016 in Anaheim, CA, booth #516, today through Friday!

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Invoke Live and CoursEval solutions empower researchers, executives, and academics to uncover immediate, actionable insights and make confident decisions – collapsing cycle times – by combining the best of qualitative and quantitative methods to yield enhanced results.    Hundreds of companies – within media + entertainment, CPG, HR, and technology – and education institutions rely on Invoke’s expert professional services and patented SaaS platform for LIVE, online market research events and academic course evaluation.  Learn more at and

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