My TMRE 2013 Takeaways Part II: Mobile is officially here

Invoke Solutions qualitative quantitative online focus group employee motivationIn my last post regarding my TMRE takeaways, I covered the presence of online qualitative research at TMRE 2013 and how I see the work I do at Invoke fitting squarely in this space (

This week, I want to focus on something I saw quite a bit of at TMRE. You couldn’t walk five feet at TMRE this past October without hearing something about mobile research. I saw a number of booths in the exhibition hall that had mobile as at least part of its offering and heard a number of mentions of it in sessions I attended.

And Google was probably the biggest headliner on this front. I have written before about where I think Google Consumer Surveys as a product fits and where it falls short (, but this move, at least to me, makes a lot more sense for Google. With mobile being such a hot topic and Google having such access to a large base of mobile users, it makes a lot of sense to me.

Are there still questions? Sure. For one, I do wonder if the fact that it’s limited to only Android users will create some sort of a bias. I know Google says this is essentially non-existent, but I question that. I actually have done some work that looked at both Apple and Samsung users, for example, and this showed some distinct differences in how they interact with brands and buy consumer electronics.  So, the jury is still out on that, but suffice to say mobile research has officially moved to center stage.

And I of course have to mention that Invoke has been offering mobile capabilities ever since its introduction of Datachili ( We have seen mobile as important for a long time here. In fact, Invoke’s early work centered heavily on mobile research. Now, it seems the industry agrees.

My next blog post in this series will focus on the whole notion of visualizing data to make it more dynamic and digestible by clients who are always looking for more efficient ways to receive data.

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